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Best Value Guarantee

Get the most Value for your money-- GUARANTEED!

Southern Ice understands that there are many choices when purchasing equipment. So when buying through Southern Ice and our network of supply partners, you get our
Best Value Guarantee.

Price is an important factor in your purchase decision. BUT Southern Ice’s Best Value Guarantee goes a step further, not only ensuring that your purchase is competitively priced, but also ensuring support, service and satisfaction from our warehouse through years of operation.

PLUS, buying through Southern Ice and our network of equipment supply partners, you ensure that YOUR dollars are kept right here in our community to support your business in return.


Best Value Guarantee


· Guidance and support in filing freight claims which can reduce, and sometimes eliminate, loss due to damages of costly equipment in transit
· In the unlikely event of a unit with a DOA compressor for a Manitowoc ice machine (installed by a factory certified contractor): SI will expedite any required warranty replacement parts
· Stock Outs (Manitowoc ONLY) on popular models: Southern Ice will cover any additional freight (above and beyond normal inbound or outbound freight) from another Southern Ice distribution center or split the additional freight from the factory.


· On-site product training (excluding installation and start-up performed by an authorized service contractor) for operation and maintenance. Ensures good performance and uninterrupted operation.
· The dreaded Murphy’s Law – your ice machine or other equipment breaks at the most unpredictable times, Friday night, right? Southern Ice’s goal: the right product when you need it, so we make a commitment to maintain the factory's recommended inventory of parts. Stock Outs – Southern Ice will cover any additional freight (all standard freight and fees apply) on a factory-required warranty part not on hand to ensure prompt service support and limited downtime.
· Warranty verification, training and processing.


· We want to earn your future business; therefore, Southern Ice will be available to answer any questions, advise coordination of warranty service contractors and work with our manufacturers to ensure your Satisfaction.

Doing business like businesses we want to do business with!


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